Victor Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Sells For Over Half-Million Dollars

A rare Victor Wembanyama rookie card has topped half-a-million dollars.

Victor Wembanyama NBA Top Shot NFT Sells For $145,000 – 2x More Than Auto Superfractor Card

A Victor Wembanyama non-fungible token (NFT) is worth more than a physical autographed 1/1 superfractor card of his.

WATCH: Victor Wembanyama’s 1/1 Rookie Patch Autograph Finally Pulled From 2023 Topps Dynasty

The chase is over.

2023 Topps Dynasty Baseball: Checklist, Victor Wembanyama Chase Cards And More!

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Can Rare Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Fetch $1 Million?

Victor Wembanyama has taken the hobby world by storm since entering the NBA.

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Rare Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Selling For $500,000 On eBay

EBay seller Fat Man Sports Cards posted the 2023-24 Prizm Black Shimmer 1/1 rookie card of the San Antonio Spurs sensation for a cool $500,000.