Can Rare Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Fetch $1 Million?

Victor Wembanyama has taken the hobby world by storm since entering the NBA. The San Antonio Spurs’ No. 1 overall pick has been setting records on the court and off, especially when it comes to sports cards and memorabilia. Now, a rare Wembanyama rookie card might top it all — a 2023 Prizm True Black 1/1 — that could potentially get $1 million if it gets put up for auction.

Norcal Sports Cards pulled the life-changing card for one lucky collector last week. The card was immediately graded and came back with the best result you would want — a PSA gem mint 10.

Wembanyama cards have already sold for tens of thousands of dollars, including a 2022-23 Bowman University Best of ’22 Autographs Superfractor 1/1, inscribed “1st ever,” selling for $67,333 by Goldin Auctions last August. It’s the most expensive “pre-NBA” card ever sold.

2022-23 Bowman University Best of '22 Autographs SuperFractor #BOA-VW Victor Wembanyama
2022-23 Bowman University Best of ’22 Autographs Superfractor #BOA-VW Victor Wembanyama. (credit: Goldin Auctions)

On the memorabilia side, Wembanyama’s Spurs jersey he wore in his NBA debut game against the Dallas Mavericks sold for $762,000 in a Sotheby’s auction last November. It set the record for most expensive NBA debut jersey.

Victory Wembanyama's NBA debut jersey
Victor Wembanyama’s NBA debut jersey. (credit: Sotheby’s)

However, the 2023 Prizm True Black 1/1 is Wembanyama’s biggest NBA card to date. Can it hit the $1 million mark? One hobby expert believes so.

The Collectibles Guru, who has over 149,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), thinks it can.

“REMINDER: Victor Wembanyama will NOT have NBA-licensed autograph rookie cards, as he has an exclusive autograph deal with Topps. This makes Wemby’s Black Prizm 1/1 his clear #1 BEST CARD EVER,” The Collectibles Guru posted.

Only 12 other basketball cards have eclipsed the $1 million mark.

The potential million-dollar pull, though, is facing controversy. Some collectors have taken to social media, saying the 2023 Prizm True Black 1/1 shouldn’t have gotten a gem mint grade from PSA because it’s off-center.

Wembanyama’s 2023 Prizm Black Shimmer 1/1 has previously been pulled. The card was put on eBay for $500,000 before the seller ended the posting.

Wembanyama is having a stellar rookie season, averaging 20.7 points and 10.3 rebounds a game. He is the favorite to capture the NBA’s Rookie of the Year award.

Do you think the 2023 Prizm Victor Wembanyama True Black 1/1 card will sell for $1 million? Let us know in the comments below!

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