‘Swelce’ Cards Take Collecting Industry By Storm

Card Featuring Taylor Swift As Jesus And Travis Kelce Kneeling Sells For Nearly $1,000

Swifties, rejoice! Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce “Swelce” trading cards are now flooding the market, including a Leaf dual-autograph card selling for thousands of dollars on eBay and another one showing Swift as a Jesus-like figure.

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce 2023 Leaf Book of Love Dual Autograph
Taylor Swift Travis Kelce 2023 Leaf Book of Love Dual Autograph. (credit: eBay)

Their relationship has literally taken the world by storm. Ever since the pop megastar and the All-Pro Kansas City Chiefs tight end started dating, it’s been non-stop media attention, from games Swift attends to concerts Kelce travels to in other countries.

On top of that, the hobby market is trying to make a buck on the excitement. Leaf was one of the first trading card companies to hop on this relationship phenomenon, introducing a dual-autograph booklet back in October. The card was only numbered to 11 and initially sold for $1,500 before quickly selling out. One of the cards is now selling for $2,900 on eBay.

Also on eBay, another limited-edition Taylor-Travis card sold for nearly $1,000. Made by artist PiggyBanx, the “Taylor Made” one-of-one wave variation features Swift portraying Jesus, and Kelce, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and football referees kneeling before her on a football field.

The card reeled in just over $923 as bidding ended Friday. Perhaps Tim Tebow got in on the action?

Taylor Made Card
PIGGYBANX “Taylor Made” 1/1 Wave Card. (credit: eBay)

If those two cards might be out of your price range, other trading cards on eBay featuring Travis and Taylor are selling for $12.99, including this one from Sport-Toonz.

2023 Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Pink USA SP/200 Cracked Ice Cartoon
2023 Travis Kelce Taylor Swift Pink USA SP/200 Cracked Ice Cartoon (credit: eBay)

Just last month, a “Swelce”-signed Chiefs jersey by Kelce sold for over $500 at auction.

Travis Kelce "Swelce" autographed jersey
Travis Kelce “Swelce” autographed jersey. (credit: Metabilia)

“Controversy” has swirled around the couple as some people have been upset at the airtime Swift would get at Chiefs games, even though she would be shown for a total of 30 seconds over a three-hour-long game. Basketball legend Charles Barkley had some choice words for these “fans.”

“If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined [football], you’re just a loser. You’re a loser or a jackass,” said Barkley on his CNN show “King Charles.”

Swift had a record-breaking week as Kelce gets ready for the Super Bowl against the San Francisco 49ers. The pop superstar won two Grammys on Sunday, including her fourth Album of the Year award, the most of all-time for any artist. She also announced a new album will be coming out in April — “The Tortured Poets Department.”

While Swift was winning Grammys and heading to Japan to perform, Kelce was asked during Super Bowl Media Day if he would be proposing after the big game.

“I’m hoping I get this ring on Sunday, I know that,” answered Kelce, referring to a championship ring, not an engagement one.

The big question now is if Swift will be in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. Swifties were concerned she might not be able to make it because she has a concert in Tokyo on Saturday night. But, if Swift flies out right after the concert and due to the time difference, she would be able to get into Sin City on Sunday morning local time, with plenty of time before the championship game.

If Kelce and the Chiefs win on Sunday, it would be his third Super Bowl title in his career.

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