‘Sopranos’ Booth Used In Final Scene Sells For Over $82,000

A “Sopranos” fan woke up this morning and got themselves an iconic piece of television history. The New Jersey diner booth used to film the final scene of the critically-acclaimed hit “The Sopranos” sold for over $82,000 on eBay on Monday night.

After 238 bids, the final selling price was $82,600. Holsten’s, the Bloomfield ice cream parlor where the scene took place, put the booth up for sale on eBay late last month.

"Sopranos" booth in final scene
“Sopranos” booth in final scene. (credit: eBay)

Tony (James Gandolfini), Carmella (Edie Falco), and A.J. (Robert Iler) were sitting at the booth when “The Sopranos” controversially cut to black to end one of the greatest television shows of all-time.

“We are currently renovating our booths at Holsten’s. This is your once in a lifetime chance to own the ORIGINAL booth that the Soprano Family sat in for the final scene of the famous show!” Holsten’s wrote in the eBay description. “The booth includes both seats, table, and divider wall with the plaque ‘Reserved for the Sopranos Family.’”

The diner had been getting social media pushback for putting the iconic booth up for auction. Diner owner Chris Carley told NJ.com that the booth, which was installed in 1973, needed to be replaced.

“That’s the only reason we’re doing it, because it was starting to fall apart,” says Carley.

"Sopranos" booth used in final scene
“Sopranos” booth used in final scene. (credit: eBay)

Carley explained that the areas connecting the booth to the wall have weakened because it was removed and reinstalled numerous times.

“We couldn’t just keep piecing them back together anymore. It’s just time to change,” Carley tells NJ.com. “People will either get used to it, or they won’t get used to it. But I think they will… hopefully, the response will be when the new one is in that everybody likes it. They’ll see that it’s really not that much of a difference.”

Whoever bought the booth will have to pick it up themselves. It’s not immediately known who the new owner is.

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