Meet The Person With The Guinness World Record-Breaking Pringles Tubes Collection

Collecting isn’t just limited to trading cards and memorabilia. People can make a collection out of anything, including potato chip cans, as a Spanish man has recently accomplished an impressive feat — having the largest collection of Pringles tubes in the world!

Guillem Ignasi Bauza Cabot, of Majorca, Spain, began his unique collection over a decade ago that’s reached an astounding 263 Pringles tubes.

”This collection started so long ago I don’t even remember the exact year,” Cabot told Guinness World Records, adding that he believes it began “somewhere between 2010 and 2015.”

During breaks from his acting classes, Cabot would go to a nearby store to buy Pringles cans that would catch his eye, including the one that started his famed collection — the Hot & Spicy Christmas package.

“One of the tubes was the Hot & Spicy flavor and it was Christmas-themed, with the image of the Pringles shooting chillies as if they were fireworks,” says Cabot to Guinness World Records. “At the top of the tube, I could read ‘limited edition.'”

Even though Cabot collects Pringles tubes, it’s not like he’s snacking on the chips everyday.

“It makes me laugh to say that I have a Guinness record, but it doesn’t change your life. It’s not that I adore Pringles, but I really like them in terms of product design,” Cabot told the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Pringles tubes in Cabot’s collection contains flavors that range from Roast Beef and Mustard, to Classic Paprika, and even Pommes and Ketchup style. His collection also includes very rare cans, including the Fan edition, the Disco Range and the Ice Hockey edition.

“That went on until I just bought any tube I saw that I didn’t have,” Cabot told Guinness World Records.

Cabot recently broke the Pringles tubes record last year after surpassing American Salacnib “Sonny” Molina’s number of 256 cans.

“I recently saw how someone already got the record, so I thought it was time to break it,” Cabot told Guinness World Records.

Cabot tried to break the record twice previously — when he was at 79 and 100 tubes — before coming out on top.

“To verify a record you have two options. Pay a lot for a Guinness jury to come and confirm the collection record or send evidence — individual photos of each tube, a video counting them one by one, an inventory with name and description,” Cabot explained to Majorca Daily Bulletin. “You also need two witnesses, one of them related to the food industry. It makes me a bit annoyed that I wasn’t the first, because the record was created at my request. But hey, I was second, and I’m fully aware that it will be beaten soon.”

pringles cans
Collection of limited-edition Pringles tubes. (credit: Guinness World Records)

After breaking the record, Cabot won’t be adding to his Pringles collection anytime soon.

“The brand was redesigned, and now all the tubes are ‘new,'” Cabot says to the Majorca Daily Bulletin.

Cabot recently moved to the United States and is working as an animator.

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