Walmart Diaper Run Nets Rare Victor Wembanyama Rookie Card Worth $20,000

Imagine walking into a department store for diapers and leaving with a rare basketball card worth tens of thousands of dollars? That’s what happened to one person in New York state.

According to Ricanking (Restock Trader) on X, formerly Twitter, a collector went to his local Walmart because he needed to pick up diapers. He also decided to grab some 2023-24 Panini Prizm hanger boxes. And one card he hit changed his life.

The collector ended up pulling a 2023-24 Panini Prizm Victor Wembanyama White Ice rookie card numbered to /35. It’s believed to be the first Wembanyama White Ice card made public.

Searching databases for Card Ladder,, and eBay, no Wembanyama White Ice rookie cards have yet to be sold. Multiple Wembanyama White Cracked Ice have been sold but those are unnumbered.

If the card hits the market and can gem a PSA 10, it’s estimated this rare Wemby rookie card could fetch around $20,000. A comparable parallel, the phenom’s 2023 Panini Prizm FOTL Blue Shimmer /35 PSA 10 rookie card, has sold between $17,000-$19,800. However, the White Ice could score more since it would be the first one made available for auction.

Wembanyama had a historic first year with the San Antonio Spurs, as he was unanimously voted the 2023-24 NBA Rookie of the Year. His most valuable card — the 2023 Panini Prizm FOTL Black Shimmer 1/1 rookie card — sold for $516,000 during a PWCC auction in April.

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