Toronto Blue Jays Fan Getting Topps Now Card After Being Drilled By 110 MPH Bo Bichette Foul Ball

A Toronto Blue Jays fan who took a screaming foul ball to her head off the bat of Bo Bichette is getting her own Topps Now card. Liz McGuire was at the Blue Jays game against the Tampa Bay Rays over the weekend when she got drilled by a 110 mph foul ball.

McGuire was immediately checked on by medical staff. However, the incident didn’t stop her from staying for the entire game to cheer on her Blue Jays. McGuire ended up going to the emergency room after the game.

McGuire posted what happened on X (formerly Twitter) and it instantly went viral. One picture showed a massive bump above her right eye following the game and a second photo showed her with a black eye the next day. And to add insult to injury, McGuire didn’t even get the ball! Another woman in McGuire’s section ended up with the ball and wouldn’t give it to her despite fans chanting at the woman.

“Hey @BlueJays I got my face mashed in by a 110mph foul off Bo Bichette’s bat. I didn’t even get the ball. I even stayed till the end of the game. Any way you can hook a girl up?” McGuire posted.

Even though the Blue Jays have yet to respond, Topps is hooking up McGuire with her own baseball card.

“We made a custom Topps Now trading card of Liz McGuire: the fan who took a 110MPH Bo Bichette foul ball to the head and STAYED AT THE GAME,” Topps posted on X, adding, “Liz, you’re a champ!”

Topps is producing 110 copies — in “honor” of the 110 mph foul ball — and will be giving all the cards to McGuire.

“PROPS TO @Topps THIS RULES,” McGuire posted following the announcement.

Topps has been jumping on viral sports moments this year that doesn’t involve athletes. Last week, Topps produced cards of Raquinho — the raccoon that delayed the NYCFC-Philadelphia Union match at Subaru Park. Topps also made baseball cards of the beekeeper who removed a swarm of bees that held up the start of the Los Angeles Dodgers-Arizona Diamondbacks game.

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