Topps Announces Return Of MVP Buyback Program For 2024 Season

Topps is bringing back its popular MVP Buyback Program for 2024. The program will start in November after the American and National League MVP winners are announced.

Topps initially launched the MVP Buyback Program in 2022. For those unfamiliar, here’s how it works. Collectors will be able to exchange 2024 Topps Chrome cards of the two players named MVP to participating hobby shops for store credit, ranging between $20 and $200 per card.

Base cards, base card image variations, Logofractor base cards, and Logofractor image variations will receive $20 in credit.

Refractor, X-fractor, Prism, Sepia, Pink Refractor, Negative, Raywave, and Negative MLB Refractor parallels will get $40 in store credit.

Cards numbered /100 and above, including Topps Chrome Lightboard Logo Variations, will net $100 in credit. Cards numbered below /100 score $200 in buyback credit.

For those who don’t live near a participating hobby shop, there’s no need to worry. Topps is participating with three authorized mail-in partners who will be accepting mailed-in eligible 2024 Topps Chrome MVP Buyback cards for in-store or online credit.

The cards do not have to be in mint condition to be redeemed, but they can’t be ripped or altered.

“Starting today, you should start collecting players you think could win the MVP. When you open a box of 2024 Topps Chrome, be sure to collect any player you think might win the award. If they do, you’ll have the option to exchange those cards for store credit starting in November. And if they don’t win the award…well, you’ll still have an awesome card collection,” Topps says in a release on its website.

The program ends on Jan. 30, 2025.

Click here for more information about the 2024 MVP Buyback Program.

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