Topps Offers Voluntary Recall For ‘First Card’ Variations In 2024 Series One

Fanatics has another baseball-related issue on its hands outside of the much-maligned MLB jerseys and pants the company manufactures. Topps, a Fanatics-owned company, is offering a voluntary recall after it was found that 2024 Topps Series One Baseball “First Cards” were released without the designated stamp on the front of the card.

These 1/1 cards were supposed to have the “First Card” stamp located above the team logo. Now, collectors who have bought 2024 Topps Series One will have to look at the back of the card to see if there is 1/1 numbering in the lower right-hand corner. Every player’s first base card was expected to have this designation.

They’re called “First Card” because they are literally the first card off-the-press.

For those who have pulled these 1/1 cards, Topps is offering to stamp them with “First Card” as well as give you Topps credit. If you would like to get your card stamped and receive credit, you can file a claim on your account.

The non-stamped cards started emerging several days ago when they began to pop-up on social media. CheapFunBreaks posted a video of these cards emerging from packs.

It’s not known how many “First Card” cards were affected. These cards are a new variation Topps added to 2024 Series One.

Fanatics acquired Topps in January 2022 for around $500 million.

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