Topps Introduces Exchange Program For Open Redemptions At 2024 National

Topps is offering a new program for collectors bringing open redemptions to the 2024 National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland. The Topps Exchange program will allow collectors with redemptions that have been open for 100 days or more to swap for Topps Exchange Boxes.

The Topps Exchange Boxes, which will only be available at the 2024 National, contains one autograph card per box. The auto cards come from previous products where the redemptions have expired but were not redeemed. These cards will range in value from $50 to over $7,500.

To be able to get a Topps Exchange Box, the open redemption card must be worth at least $100. Multiple redemptions can be used to meet the $100 value threshold and single redemptions can be used for multiple boxes.

For example, a $199 trade-in value will only net one Topps Exchange Box, but $200 gets two Topps Exchange Boxes, $300 is three boxes and so on.

“The values of redemptions will be mutually agreed upon by the collector and Topps. If a mutual agreement is not reached, the collector can choose to wait for their redemption to be fulfilled or request a substitution through via the collector’s account,” says Topps.

The maximum number of Topps Exchange Boxes collectors can receive is ten.

Collectors must book appointments to trade their open redemptions for the Topps Exchange Boxes. The 44th National Sports Collectors Convention runs from July 24-28.

In April, Topps revealed it was extending expiration dates on redemptions to ten years.

Click here for more information about Topps Exchange Boxes and how to make an appointment at the 2024 National.

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