7 Reasons Why Topps Is Best Sports Card Company

What immediately comes to mind when you think of Topps? I go back to the early days of my childhood when I first began collecting cards. Buying those wood-grained 1987 Topps cards, hoping to get players from my favorite team – the Philadelphia Phillies. The joy whenever I pulled a Mike Schmidt card when I was 7 years old was second to none.

But Topps has come a long way since then, carving out an indelible legacy in the hearts of collectors and sports enthusiasts alike. They now produce a plethora of products, from Topps Big League Baseball geared for kids, to Topps Diamond Icons tailored for high-end collectors.

But what makes Topps so great and the best sports card company in the world? HobbyListings takes a look at the history and seven reasons why Topps is on top of the business.

A Storied History: From Gum to Grandeur

1952 Topps Mickey Mantle
1952 Topps Mickey Mantle. (credit: Heritage Auctions)
  • The Humble Beginnings: The Topps story began in 1938, not with cards, but with gum. It was the brainchild of the Shorin family in Brooklyn, New York. The transition to baseball cards came in 1951, marking a pivot that would redefine the company’s destiny.
  • The Golden Age: The 1950s and 60s were a golden era for Topps. The introduction of the 1952 Topps Baseball set, especially the Mickey Mantle card, is often hailed as a seminal moment in sports card history.
  • Evolving Through the Decade: Over the decades, Topps adapted and thrived, overcoming challenges like market fluctuations and the advent of digital technology. Their ability to evolve while maintaining a connection to the nostalgia of collecting is a testament to their enduring appeal.

Seven Reasons Why Topps Stands Above the Rest

Babe Ruth 2022 Topps Sterling Cut Signature #1/1 Autograph
Babe Ruth 2022 Topps Sterling Cut Signature #1/1 Autograph. (credit: eBay)

1. Pioneering the Industry

Topps didn’t just join the sports card market; they pioneered it. Their innovative approach in the early days, especially the inclusion of statistics and player information, set the standard for what sports cards would become.

2. Iconic Card Designs

Topps cards are renowned for their aesthetic appeal and design ingenuity. From the classic look of the 1952 series to the modern, sleek designs of today, Topps has continually set the bar for what a sports card should look like.

3. Rich Heritage and Nostalgia

For many, Topps cards are a bridge to childhood and a simpler time. This nostalgia factor is a powerful force, making their cards sought after by multiple generations of collectors.

4. Quality and Craftsmanship

Topps has consistently maintained high standards of quality and craftsmanship. Their cards are not just collectibles but works of art, revered for their attention to detail and durability.

5. Market Value and Resale

Topps cards, especially rare and vintage ones, command impressive prices in the resale market. Iconic cards like the 1952 Mickey Mantle can fetch millions, underscoring the investment value of Topps products.

6. Diverse Portfolio and Innovation

Beyond baseball, Topps has expanded into other sports and entertainment franchises, showing versatility and a knack for innovation. Their digital apps and NFT ventures represent a forward-thinking approach to card collecting.

7. Enduring Relationships with Leagues and Players

Topps has cultivated strong relationships with major sports leagues and athletes. Their exclusive contracts and partnerships have allowed them to produce officially licensed products, adding authenticity and credibility to their brand.

Topps Today: A Legacy Reimagined

Embracing the Digital Era: In recent years, Topps has embraced digital technology, launching apps like Topps BUNT and diving into the world of NFTs. This adaptation to the digital age demonstrates their commitment to staying relevant and engaging with a new generation of collectors.

  • Global Expansion: Topps has extended its reach globally, capturing the hearts of sports fans worldwide. Their international series and collaborations have broadened their appeal beyond American borders.
  • The Future Looks Bright: With a robust portfolio and a keen eye on the pulse of the market, the future of Topps looks brighter than ever. Their ability to blend tradition with innovation positions them well in an ever-evolving industry.

Topps’ High-End Treasures: Where Rarity Meets Prestige

2021 Topps Transcendent Hall Of Fame Edition /20 Ken Griffey Jr Auto
2021 Topps Transcendent Hall Of Fame Edition /20 Ken Griffey Jr Auto. (credit: eBay)
  • Topps Transcendent Collection: The epitome of luxury in sports cards, featuring ultra-limited releases, autographs, memorabilia, and exclusive event invitations.
  • Topps Diamond Icons: A fusion of on-card autographs, relics, and embedded jewels, offering a rare and opulent collecting experience.
  • Topps Dynasty: Famed for its limited-edition autographed patch cards, showcasing quality autographs and significant player relics.
  • Topps Triple Threads: Unique for its die-cut designs and multi-player cards, combining autographs, relics, and innovative layouts.
  • Topps Museum Collection: Merging art with memorabilia, this series includes autographs, relic cards, and canvas collection cards that echo iconic baseball moments.
  • Topps Five Star: Renowned for its on-card autographs and sophisticated design, providing an upscale collecting experience.
  • Topps Tier One: Offering a streamlined, focused collection of on-card autographs and unique relics, emphasizing quality.
  • Topps Sterling: Known for its thematic boxes and high-end hits, Topps Sterling presents a mix of autographs, multi-relic cards, and limited-edition pieces. Each box revolves around a theme or player, adding an element of surprise and exclusivity.
  • Topps Definitive Collection: This series is synonymous with high-end baseball card luxury. It features on-card autographs, oversized patches, and unique memorabilia pieces. The cards are thick, encased, and numbered, adding to their desirability and collectible value.
  • Topps Tribute: Tribute stands out for its on-card autographs, memorabilia cards, and tribute to both current stars and legends. The series is celebrated for its high-quality card stock and sharp, vibrant imagery, making it a favorite among collectors who appreciate both aesthetics and historical significance.

Matt Higgins contributed to this report.

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