Tonya Harding Figure Skating Outfit She Wore Day After Nancy Kerrigan Attack Could Bring In $50,000

An infamous piece of figure skating history is now up for auction and could reel in tens of thousands of dollars. Tonya Harding’s outfit she wore in the 1994 United States Figure Skating Championships, a day after the shocking attack on Nancy Kerrigan, is estimated to bring in $50,000 at Leland’s.

Tonya Harding skating outfit
Tonya Harding skating outfit. (credit: Leland’s)

The Jan. 6, 1994, assault on Kerrigan shocked the world. Following a practice session a day before the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and weeks before the Winter Olympics, Kerrigan was struck in the leg with a baton by a man named Shane Stant. The attack was planned by Harding’s then-husband, Jeff Gillooly. Harding initially said she took no part in the heinous crime but later plead guilty to her involvement in the scandal.

Following the attack, Harding would go on to capture the gold at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and take part in the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, France. She would later wear the same outfit while competing in the Olympics on Feb. 23, 1994.

“Presented here is the outfit worn by Harding during the technical programs in the 1994 United States World Championships on January 7th, one day after the Kerrigan attack, and 1994 Olympics on February 23rd. The red sequin costume lacks a size or manufacturer tag, and is missing a small handful of beads around the neck. Shown in the listing is a copy of a letter from Harding in which she states: ‘This red costume was worn during the following competitions – 1993 Nationals & the 1994 Nationals when I won the competition, also it was worn in the 1994 Olympic games,'” Leland’s writes in the description lot.

Despite not being able to compete in the U.S. World Championships, Kerrigan would go on to win the silver medal at the Winter Olympics, while Harding finished tenth. Harding would later be stripped of her U.S. World Championship title and be banned from figure skating for life.

The auction, part of Leland’s 2024 Summer Classic, ends June 29. As of Wednesday morning, the current bid is $3,300.

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