UK Man Turns $12 eBay ‘Jed Williams’ Autographed Baseball Into $225 After Ted Williams Authentication

A British man who bought an autographed Ted Williams baseball for just $12 on eBay because it was listed as “Jed Williams” has turned a nice profit on it. Dave Adams recently posted the signed ball on the United Kingdom eBay site after it was was authenticated as “safe” on the “Out or Safe?!” Baseball Signature Review page on Facebook. It ended up selling for $225.

There were 14 bids on the ball before the auction ended May 28.

Dave Adams revealed he bought “The Splendid Splinter’s” autographed baseball after visiting the United States for the first time in the early 2000s and ended up keeping it all these years. He found the “Jed Williams” baseball on UK eBay.

Ted Williams autographed baseball
Ted Williams autographed baseball. (credit: Facebook)

“Baseball was nothing over here,” Adams says in a Facebook post. “I remember my ex girlfriend going mad at me for paying £9.99 ($12.69 USD) for an old baseball of ‘some of dude no one’s heard of..’ Authentication wasn’t around, so it’s just gathered dust, but I kept it with me whenever I’ve moved to, thankfully.”

Adams says he purchased the ball during the time of dial-up internet.

“Never even thought to had it authenticated, it’s just gathered dust,” says Adams. “This has blew my mind, as you can imagine.”

After the ball was authenticated and to pay it forward, Adams listed the Williams autographed baseball on the UK eBay site, with a starting price of £9.99, or around $12.

“It’s my Ted Williams signed ball I bought on eBay 20 years ago for £9.99 as it’s was misspelled as ‘Jed Williams’… I’ve received loads of offers since it was authenticated as ‘Safe’ on Facebook group ‘Out Or Safe’… so to be fair to all, I’m listing it at the price I bought it for, and it sells for whatever it goes for,” the eBay description lot reads.

Authenticated Williams autographed baseballs usually sell between the $400-$500 range.

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