Target Cracking Down On Trading Card Resellers By Prohibiting Purchases

Target is taking a stand against resellers. The retail giant says they will block the sales of trading cards to those they believe are buying boxes of cards just to sell them at a higher price.

“Target reserves the right to prohibit purchases of any merchandise to resellers. Resellers are defined as a company or an individual that purchases goods with the intention of selling them rather than using them. This includes individuals that exhibit behaviors such as pack searching and weighing,” reads the Target sign Reddit user Shuman2100 posted on the social media site.

byu/Shuman2100 inbaseballcards

The practice of reselling and weighing packs has been going on for years, especially at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Resellers would wait for hours until product was restocked before buying it all up and some even brought scales so they could weigh packs and boxes to see if they contained parallel, relic or autograph cards.

In May 2021, Target temporarily pulled trading cards from its shelves due to violence among customers at stores. The move came after four people attacked a man outside a Wisconsin Target following an argument over buying sports cards, with the victim pulling out a gun, CBS News reports.

It’s a big move for Target to crack down on resellers, who are the scourge of the collecting community. Resellers hike up prices on retail products, trying to get two- to three-times what the item is actually worth. This is a good first step to eradicate this practice.

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