Ted Williams

‘Southside Bobby’ Collection Of 3,000 Autographs From Golden Era Of Sports Set To Go To Auction

In a story that could easily be the stuff of collectors’ dreams, a man known as “Southside Bobby” has recently unveiled a treasure trove of over 3,000 autographed items from the biggest names in sports during the 1950s and ’60s.

UK Man Turns $12 eBay ‘Jed Williams’ Autographed Baseball Into $225 After Ted Williams Authentication

A British man who bought an autographed Ted Williams baseball for just $12 on eBay because it was listed as “Jed Williams” has turned a nice profit on it.

Misspelled ‘Jed Williams’ eBay Listing Leads To $12 Ted Williams Autographed Baseball Find

This might be one of the greatest eBay finds ever.

Best Boston Red Sox Cards Every Collector Needs

Fans of the Boston Red Sox have a plethora of legendary players to collect. From Teddy Ballgame, to Yaz, to “Nomah,” they have great names to add to their collection. It also helps the Red Sox are a historic franchise who have won four World Series titles since 2004 when they were able to vanquish   →