PSA Entering Comic Book Grading In 2025

The company announced on Friday that it will start grading and authenticating comic books and magazines in 2025.

PSA And Fanatics Collect Join Forces To Make Card Grading Easier

This collaboration between Fanatics Collect and PSA aims to simplify the process of card authentication, grading, and selling.

PSA Reveals It Doesn’t Operate PSA 10 Card Vending Machine Inside Las Vegas Casino

PSA is distancing itself from a vending machine that dispenses PSA 10-graded Pokemon and sports cards.

PSA 10 Card Vending Machine In Las Vegas Offers Unique Gambling Experience For Collectors

There’s a new way to gamble when you’re in Las Vegas.

PSA Introduces Grader Notes To Enhance Grading Transparency For Trading Cards

Collectors who ever wondered why their card didn’t receive a PSA 10 will soon be able to find out.

Two Men Arrested In Nationwide $2 Million Pokémon, Sports Cards Scam, Federal Officials Say

Two men from Washington state have been arrested and charged with orchestrating a brazen nationwide scheme to defraud buyers and marketplaces by selling forged high-value sports and Pokémon trading cards.

PSA Unveils New Medical-Grade Plastic Holder For Standard Trading Cards

In a move that has been three years in the making, PSA has introduced a new holder for standard-sized cards.

GameStop Now Buying PSA Graded Trading Cards — With Limitations

GameStop is dipping its toes into the trading card market as the video game retailer is now buying PSA graded cards.

A New Era For The Hobby: eBay Acquires Goldin, Partners With PSA

A massive shakeup is occurring in the hobby world.

Hobby Shakeup: Parent Company Of CGC Cards Acquiring JSA

There’s another mammoth shakeup in the collectibles world.