Bobbleheads Featuring Shohei Ohtani And His Dog Fetching Hundreds With Giveaway Months Away

A Los Angeles Dodgers giveaway is already selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay — despite the promotion not happening for another two months! On Aug. 28, the Dodgers will be giving away bobbleheads featuring Shohei Ohtani and his dog Decoy. Now, some of those bobbleheads are popping up on eBay as fans who will be attending the game are trying to cash in on the superstar’s popularity.

Shohei Ohtani/Decoy bobblehead
Shohei Ohtani/Decoy bobblehead. (credit: eBay)

The Dodgers recently announced the promotion on June 18.

Out of the nine bobbleheads which have sold so far on eBay, the highest-selling one came in at $325, with the lowest going for $149. Others sold for between $225-$250.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are five Ohtani/Decoy bobbleheads available on eBay. They range in price from $249-$350.

This isn’t the first time Dodgers fans have rushed to eBay to sell Ohtani bobbleheads. Several limited-edition gray away jersey Ohtani bobbleheads from a giveaway on May 16 scored over $1,000. Only 1,700 of those gray away jersey bobbleheads were produced.

The white home jersey Ohtani bobbleheads from that giveaway also sold in the hundreds — even reeling in as much as $300.

The most expensive bobblehead doll ever sold belongs to a 1961 New York Yankees bobblehead that went for $59,750.

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