Raquinho The Raccoon Getting Own Topps Now Card After Invading Philadelphia Union Pitch

A raccoon that delayed an MLS game between the Philadelphia Union and New York City FC at Subaru Park in Chester, Pennsylvania, is getting immortalized by Topps. The sports card company announced Thursday its releasing MLS Topps Now cards of Raquinho — the furry critter who invaded the pitch and caused play to be stopped for about five minutes.

It happened Wednesday night when in the 20th minute of the first half, the raccoon ran onto the field. Union fans were having a grand time with Raquinho, cheering his every twist and turn as he scooted away from his would-be captors.

It took a couple of minutes for the grounds crew to catch Raquinho, who was running as fast as a Furrari to escape, but they were finally able to trap it with a trash can.

The Union announced later that a pest control company safely released Raquinho back into the wild.

Raquinho Topps Now cards start at $8.99, but there are deals available if you buy in bulk. Parallels are also available and lucky customers will get one added to their base order. Parallels include:

  • /25 Purple
  • /10 Red
  • /5 Orange
  • /1 Gold

In the end, the raccoon failed to bring the Union good luck, as they lost to NYCFC 2-1.

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