PSA Reveals It Doesn’t Operate PSA 10 Card Vending Machine Inside Las Vegas Casino

PSA is distancing itself from a vending machine that dispenses PSA 10-graded Pokemon and sports cards. The machine, which is located inside the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, has recently gone viral on social media. With the way it was branded, many thought it was owned and operated by PSA. That’s not the case, however.

In a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter, PSA says the vending machine is run by a third-party vendor that’s a PSA dealer. The vendor submits cards to PSA for authentication and grading, which are then used in the repacks. PSA says the vending machine is not controlled by the grading company.

“Despite this, this third party’s test run of their machine has unfortunately created some confusion as to PSA’s involvement,” says PSA. “We are working with the vendor in real-time to adapt the look and feel of these machines to feature less-prominent PSA branding and/or make it clearer that they own and operate these machines, not PSA.”

The vending machine allows collectors a chance to get a PSA 10-graded card for $50. Collectors can either choose a Pokemon or sports card and then “roll” to see which card comes out.

The vending machine began to go viral after videos started popping up across social media, including this one from Real Casino Kings.

They ended up hitting a PSA 10 Pokemon Japanese VMAX Climax Charizard #187 worth around $35.

Real Casino Kings went back the next day and pulled a 2023 Pokemon SVIV Japanese Drowzee Art Rare. This time the card was valued at $45.

Reddit user ihaveyoursox also gave it a whirl and hit two Pokemon cards with an estimated value of $50 each.

PSA Vegas vending machine pulls
byu/ihaveyoursox inPokemonTCG

It’s not yet known how long it will take to update the vending machine’s branding or if it will be replaced altogether.

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