PSA Unveils New Medical-Grade Plastic Holder For Standard Trading Cards

In a move that has been three years in the making, PSA has introduced a new holder for standard-sized cards. This marks the first major enhancement to PSA’s holders in a decade.

The new holder boasts an array of premium features that allows collectors to protect and display their prized possessions. One of the most significant changes is the use of medical-grade plastic, an industry first that sets a new benchmark for form and function. This polymer is renowned for its impermeability, transparency, and durability, making it the perfect choice for preserving valuable trading cards.

β€œThis new polymer is more shatter-resistant, more resistant to UV damage from the sun, and even more scratch-resistant,” says Brian Alvey, mechanical engineering manager at PSA. β€œThe overall dimensions of these new holders will be identical to what PSA used before the update, but the in-hand feel is significantly more premium.”

The new holder is not just about looks — it’s also about protection. The medical-grade plastic is ultra-impermeable to heat, humidity, water, and UV light, ensuring that cards remain in pristine condition for years to come. Additionally, the holder is extra protective against micro-scratches and surface scuffs, maintaining a higher level of clarity over time.

One of the most noticeable changes is the weight of the new holder. At 20 percent heavier than its predecessor, it adds a sense of significance to the card it protects.

β€œA 20 percent increase in weight might seem like nothing, but it’s everything. The in-hand quality from the weight alone is significant. You really have to feel it to believe it,” explains Travis Tapay, mechanical engineer at PSA.

Collectors will also appreciate what they won’t see in the new holder. Gone are the days of Mylar sleeves, card movement, and unwanted optical illusions like Newton’s rings. The new design ensures that the authenticity of the card is presented with long-lasting clarity, allowing collectors to fully appreciate the beauty of their treasured items.

The rollout of the new holder begins this May, starting with standard sports card submissions. Standard trading card size measures 2.5×3.5×0.04″ (40pt max thickness), encompassing a wide range of collectible cards. PSA has put the new holder through rigorous testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of protection and presentation.

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HobbyListings editor Matt Higgins has contributed to this report.

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