Ultra-Rare Swarovski-Encrusted Nintendo DS Set To Fetch $20,000 At Auction

One of the world’s rarest Nintendo consoles is set to fetch nearly $20,000 at auction. The limited-edition Nintendo DS was released in 2005 to coincide with the launch of the Nintendogs franchise and is bedazzled with 2,000 Swarovski crystals in the shape of a paw-print.

Its design was created by NYC PEACH, who were commissioned by Nintendo to create 10 limited-edition consoles. However, only five of each design were manufactured.

The limited edition Nintendo DS. Photo released
The limited-edition Nintendo DS. Photo released – April 29 2024. (credit: Wessex Auction Rooms / SWNS)

The console was purchased from the Nintendo Store in New York City, where one of the remaining editions is still on display.

“Retro gaming is an area of collecting where we have seen a large increase in demand, and prices growing in-line with that demand, but what makes this item so special is that it is appealing to a much wider audience than just gaming fans,” says Tim Weeks, auctioneer with Wessex Auction Rooms. “The purchaser is as likely to be a Hollywood celebrity as it is a high end Japanese Nintendo collector — and that is the beauty of the auction — it’s a worldwide audience and none of us have any idea where this console will end up going.

Weeks adds, “We have had interest from around the world, so I am expecting a fierce bidding war when it goes under the hammer.”

The limited-edition Nintendo DS
The limited-edition Nintendo DS. Photo released – April 29 2024. (credit: Wessex Auction Rooms / SWNS)

Video games and consoles have found a niche in the collecting community. According to Nasdaq, the most expensive video game of all-time is the original Super Mario Bros. that was sealed in its original packaging. It sold for $2 million in 2021.

The Nintendo DS will be up for sale as part of the specialist Toy Collector’s auction on Thursday, May 2, with Wessex Auction Rooms.

SWNS writer Elizabeth Hunter contributed to this report.

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