Hero Beekeeper Matt Hilton Getting Own Topps Now Card After Saving Dodgers-Diamondbacks Game

There will definitely be a buzz about these unBEElievable baseball cards. Topps is producing cards of beekeeper Matt Hilton, the hero who removed a swarm of bees from the protective netting behind home plate at Chase Field on Tuesday night. The bees ended up causing a nearly two-hour-long delay at the Los Angeles DodgersArizona Diamondbacks game.

Hilton was at his young son’s tee ball game when he got the call his services were needed at the ballpark.

“I thought I was here to just take care of a bee problem and people were pretty hyped up. It was pretty cool,” Hilton said during an on-field interview.

Hilton received rock-star treatment when he finally arrived. Fans gave him a standing ovation and started chanting “MVP” when he was able to remove the bees. Hilton also played up to the crowd when the stadium DJ played Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero.”

To thank Hilton for his heroics, the Diamondbacks asked him to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

“It was pretty cool,” says Hilton. “I can’t say that I’ve had that experience before and I probably won’t again, but it was pretty awesome.”

Now, Topps is commemorating the occasion by offering Topps Now baseball cards of Hilton, including randomly inserted on-card autographs numbered to /25 or lower. There will also be Bees Subject Swap Shortprint and numbered parallel cards.

The autograph parallels include:

  • /25 Full Color Autograph
  • /10 Red Autograph
  • /5 Orange Autograph
  • /1 Gold Autograph

Base card parallels include:

  • /49 Blue
  • /25 Purple
  • /10 Red
  • /5 Orange
  • /1 Gold

The on-card autographs and parallel cards are in addition to the base card order. Topps is selling Matt Hilton’s Topps Now base card for $8.99. Click here to purchase.

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