14-Karat Gold LEGO Mask Found At Pennsylvania Goodwill Sells For Over $18,000

An extremely rare 14-karat gold LEGO mask discovered at a Pennsylvania Goodwill has sold for over $18,000 in an online auction. There are only 30 believed to be in existence of the gold LEGO Bionicle Golden Kanohi Hau Mask.

WTAJ-TV reports employees at the Goodwill Warehouse in DuBois found the mask in a box of donations.

14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask
14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask. (credit: Goodwill)

“We didn’t know what we had when we found it,” says Jessica Illuzzi, social media and public relations coordinator for Goodwill Industries of North Central Pennsylvania, to WTAJ. “It came in a box full of random jewelry from the State College store. So it had already been processed through donations there.”

These Bionicle Golden Kanohi Hau Masks were gifted to some LEGO employees and the rest were given away through a contest.

“There’s 30 of the gold ones. They do make some silver ones and some platinum ones,” Chad Smith, vice president of e-commerce at Goodwill, tells WTAJ.

After Goodwill put it up for auction, the highest of the 48 bids came in at $18,101. The mask was relisted after a $33,000 bid went unpaid.

14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask.
14K Yellow Gold LEGO Bionicle Hau Mask. (credit: Goodwill)

“I think it’s really cool that there’s so few of them, but it’s also kind of cool to find out the research behind it,” Illuzzi says to WTAJ. “And then the final step is to find the right collector to take that really once it.”

It’s not known who bought the limited-edition LEGO mask.

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