Collectors Lining Up To Buy 2-Year-Old Artist’s Paintings For Thousands Of Dollars

One artist is cashing in at a very young age. A 2-year-old impressionist painter is selling pieces of art for over $10,000! Some pieces are even garnering six-figure bids.

Two-year-old Laurent Schwarz working on a painting
Two-year-old Laurent Schwarz working on a painting. (credit: SWNS)

Laurent Schwarz has been painting crazy ever since he visited the Hotel Feuerstein in South Tyrol, Italy, in November 2023.

The hotel had a painting room for kids and Laurent’s mother, 32-year-old Lisa Schwarz, couldn’t get him out of it.

Not long after their trip, Schwarz started an Instagram account to share her son’s artwork — not thinking anything of it.

But the videos quickly went viral and Schwarz has since been inundated with requests from people all over the world wanting to buy Laurent’s creations.

In the last six months, Laurent managed to complete 21 paintings, 19 of which have sold. Most sold for around $7,700 with one painting going for over $10,700.

“I had no idea that these videos, some of which have 5 million views, would be so popular,” says Schwarz. “There are so many requests for Laurent’s pictures from all over the world. Everyone wants to buy his pictures and some people are offering unimaginable sums. On average, we have gotten between $6,500 and $7,600 for his paintings. We are keeping our prices stable even though the demand is very high but we could make a lot more. We want Laurent’s paintings to be able to hang in homes all over the world.”

Laurent’s two remaining paintings have garnered extreme interest with both attracting six figure bids.

Schwarz even had to create a waiting list for future paintings and auction houses have been in contact to offer their services. She is very clear that Laurent only paints when and if he wants to.

Two-year-old Laurent Schwarz working on a painting
Two-year-old Laurent Schwarz working on a painting. (credit: SWNS)

If he decides one day that he doesn’t want to paint anymore, there will be no pressure from her or Laurent’s father, Phillip Schwarz, to carry on.

“Sometimes he paints twice a day and sometimes he doesn’t paint at all for two weeks,” notes Lisa Schwarz. “He has to want to do it and that varies from day to day. After all, he’s only 2 years old. If, at some point, he doesn’t feel like drawing anymore, then that’s it and it’s one click and the Instagram channel is deleted.”

All of the money generated from the sales will be placed into a fund which Laurent can access when he turns 18.

SWNS reporter Samuel Whitewick contributed to this report.

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