Hong Kong Woman Spends Over $2.5 Million For Single-Letter License Plate

Would you spend millions on a speciality license plate? Well, one person in Hong Kong did. A woman spent nearly $2.6 million to buy a license plate with just a single letter — “D” — during the annual Lunar New Year auction from Hong Kong’s Transport Department.

More shocking, it’s the third most expensive license plate in Hong Kong history. According to The HK Hub, a “W” license plate sold for $3.3 million in 2021, while an “R” license plate fetched $3.26 million in 2023.

BNN Breaking reports the “D” license plate auction lasted 74 rounds of intense bidding. The reason it was so popular is because the letter “D” is associated with words like “dragon” and “dollar,” which are Chinese culture symbols of power and wealth.

Twenty-six other license plates at the Hong Kong Transport Department auction sold for a combined $3.1 million, with the second-highest total going to the number plate “132,” which went for $129,000.

“Residents must first submit suggestions for personalized plate numbers, which can consist of no more than eight digits or letters, plus a space. All bids typically begin at HK$5,000 ($639 U.S.), and plates with single letters and numbers are sought after because of their rarity, especially since the Transport Department forbids the use of ‘I’, ‘O’ and ‘Q,'” reports The HK Hub.

Other license plates sold over the years include “PIKACHU,” “CAV1AR,” “ME T1ME,” “HELP,” “LALALAND” and “SHUSH.”

To compare this to the sports cards market, a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle PSA 8.5 card sold for $2.3 million over the weekend at Heritage Auctions, which was around $300,000 less than what a woman paid for a single “D” license plate.

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