GameStop Now Buying PSA Graded Trading Cards — With Limitations

GameStop is dipping its toes into the trading card market as the video game retailer is now buying PSA graded cards. However, there are some catches.

GameStop will only be accepting PSA graded trading cards with the Lighthouse label that are rated 8 or higher and will pay a maximum of $500 in cash or in-store credit. Essentially, don’t go down there with a 1952 Mickey Mantle thinking you will make some quick cash.

“Our team is trained to analyze PSA graded cards for authenticity and to offer cash or in-store credit on cards rated 8, 9, or 10,” GameStop says on its website.

As of now, the company will only be accepting PSA graded cards and no cards from other grading companies.

This offer is currently available at GameStop locations in Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, Tennessee and Texas.

It was previously rumored that GameStop would only be accepting graded Pokémon cards, but that has apparently changed.

Consumers can also sell their iPhones, smartphones, consoles, video games, video game accessories, smartwatches, tablets, and headphones for cash or in-store credit.

In Fiscal Year 2023, collectibles accrued $754 million in net sales, which was over 14 percent of GameStop’s total sales.

This news comes as GameStop’s stock rallied early in the week, but has tanked 30 percent on Wednesday, according to Yahoo! Finance.

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