Legendary ‘E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial’ Bicycle Soars At Auction, Selling For Over $50,000

An iconic bicycle from “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” took flight at auction. The 1981 Kuwahara BMX bicycle Elliott road in the air with E.T. in the classic movie reeled in $52,000 at Julien’s Auctions. This is just one of two bicycles used in the film by actor Henry Thomas that are known to exist.

Bicycle main character Elliott used in "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial."
Bicycle main character Elliott used in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.” (credit: Julien’s Auctions)

The sold price hit its estimate as the pre-sale value was listed between $40,000-$60,000.

The Kuwahara BMX bicycle was one of the five originals made for Elliott, the movie’s main character. Everything Bicycles, which supplied the movie’s bikes, built the 25 original bicycles for the film’s production. There were five duplicate bikes for the five characters in the movie and each character’s bike had its own customization, styling and paint scheme.

Following production, the bicycles were returned back to Howie Cohen and Robert Cardoza of Everything Bicycles. The shop dismantled some of the bikes and sold them off for parts, while others were repainted to return them back to standard factory appearance. However, Elliott’s bicycle that’s currently up for auction was customized after production as a promotional bike that was used in the very first Kuwahara E.T. ad that appeared in BMX Action Magazine in July 1982.

“This one-off promotional bike customized by Cohen and Cardoza was never offered for sale in this configuration and differs quite a bit from the retail versions that were eventually sold to the public,” Julien’s wrote in the description lot.

The bicycle would then be given away in a contest and the winner had the iconic piece in their possession from December 1982 to September 2019.

“It was confirmed by the original owners that the bike is still equipped as it was when they won it back in 1982 and that all of the parts on it are original. They also mentioned that it got very little use and that it sat in their shed for most of its life,” noted Julien’s. “The original owners sold the bike in September of 2019 and the current owner had had it since then. Once the current owner acquired the bike, it was given a well needed cleaning, and the original (now dry rotted) tires were replaced with newly purchased ‘new old stock’ (NOS) tires from 1982. These NOS tires are the same exact tires as the originals and the original dry rotted tires were retained.”

In March 2024, Cardoza personally inspected the bicycle and confirmed the bike’s frame was one of the five original Elliott bikes he built and customized.

“This bike features an Elina BMX brand saddle with lighting bolts painted red with yellow borders on both sides, two white Shimano plastic side brake line fasteners, black rubber O.G.K. 77-17A handle grips, a faded ‘FACTORY KUWAHARA’ decal affixed to the head tube, a California Bicycle License decal numbered 515524 and a California Bicycle Renewal decal numbered 0178747 with an expiration date of Dec. 31, 1984 affixed to the seat tube, and gold-tone rims, seat post, chain rings, pedals, Dia-Compe MX handle brake and side pull caliper,” wrote Julien’s. “The serial number located on the underside of the bottom bracket reads TOL0090. The driver’s license number of the bike’s previous owner is etched into the down tube; this was done for identification purposes in case the bike was ever stolen.”

“E.T. the Extra Terrestrial” ended up winning four Academy Awards and was also nominated for Best Picture and Best Director for Steven Spielberg.

The auction was part of Julien’s “From Hollywood Legends: Danger, Disaster & Disco” auction.

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