A New Era For The Hobby: eBay Acquires Goldin, Partners With PSA

A massive shakeup is occurring in the hobby world. eBay Inc. and Collectors, the parent company of PSA, have announced a landmark partnership that promises to transform the way collectors buy, sell, grade, and store trading cards and collectibles in the United States. eBay will be acquiring Goldin — a high-end sports collectibles auction house — while PSA will be buying the eBay vault.

The deals are expected to be closed by the end of June.

eBay is relentlessly focused on providing the best inventory and the highest level of trust for our global community,” says Jamie Iannone, eBay CEO, in a media release. “The deals announced today further our mission of reinventing the future of ecommerce for enthusiasts, and we are excited to partner with PSA to offer a simpler, more personalized experience for passionate collectors. PSA is a premier player in trading cards and collectibles with unmatched capabilities, and we believe our shared expertise will inspire even more people to sell, shop and collect with confidence.”

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eBay homepage. (Photo by Oberon Copeland @veryinformed.com on Unsplash)

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is the integration of grading services into the eBay platform. Collectors in the United States will soon be able to submit their cards for grading directly through eBay, streamlining the process and saving time. Additionally, PSA will introduce a new service that allows customers to list and sell their cards on eBay at the same time they are submitted for grading. Officials say this will mean faster turnaround times and greater efficiency for sellers.

eBay has also agreed to acquire Goldin, a leading U.S.-based auction house specializing in high-value trading cards and collectibles. This move will expand the range of inventory available to eBay customers and introduce Goldin sellers to a massive new audience.

“First of all, both Goldin and eBay have a very strong commitment to collectors and building the collectible community with the best offerings possible,” Ken Goldin, founder and CEO of Goldin, said in a video on X (formerly Twitter). “Second, hey, let’s be real, I have the opportunity to bring the Goldin brand to millions of collectors around the world who may never have heard of us, never bought for us and this is an amazing opportunity for me. For eBay, it’s a great opportunity to bring the experience and the high-end business that Goldin offers to all of its customers as well.”

Collectors purchased Goldin in July 2021 and is now selling it less than three years later. Sports business reporter Darren Rovell, founder of cllct.com, says this means Collectors is no longer in the marketplace business.

“It always kind of been a criticism that they were grading cards and, at the same time, had a marketplace in Goldin. That separates this,” Rovell reports in a video on X. “It gets eBay a higher-end business. An average sale on eBay is $100 in sports. Goldin has nearly 100 sales of over $500,000 over the past two-and-a-half years, so that gives them the high-end part of the hobby. They’re obviously going to cross-market, but at the same time, Goldin is going to operate separately and they would just watch that happen. It gives eBay, likely, about $400 million more in revenue.”

In 2023, eBay’s annual revenue topped $10.1 billion, which was up 3.2 percent from 2022.

In a related transaction, PSA will acquire the eBay vault, a secure storage facility for valuable collectibles. While there will be no immediate changes to vault services for eBay customers, PSA plans to integrate its existing vault services with eBay’s program, creating a comprehensive offering under a new brand.

“We will drastically improve the collector experience by creating a seamless, end-to-end journey,” says Nat Turner, CEO of Collectors. “No matter an individual collector’s goals, this partnership will make collecting safer, easier and more fun. We’re excited to combine the scale and trust across eBay’s global marketplace with PSA’s authentication and grading expertise.”

This is the second time since March that Collectors has rocked the hobby world. Last month, the parent company of PSA acquired SGC, now owning two of the big four card grading companies.

HobbyListings editor Matt Higgins contributed to this report.

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