Oldest Known Christianity Book Buried In Egyptian Sands For 1,500 Years Sells for Nearly $4 Million

The oldest known Christianity book that was buried in the Egyptian sands for more than a millennium scored nearly $4 million at auction.

Scarce 1868 One-Cent ‘Z’ Grill Stamp Sells For Record $4.36 Million At Auction

The 1868 One-cent “Z” Grill — the only known one in private hands — netted $4.36 million at Siegel Auction Galleries.

Glasses Worn By Gandhi In 1947 Expected To Reel In $12,000 At Auction

A pair of glasses worn by Mahatma Gandhi are expected to sell for more than $12,000 at auction in England later this month.

Rare 14th Century Hebrew Manuscript Shem Tov Bible Estimated To Fetch $7 Million At Auction

A one-of-a-kind 14th century Hebrew manuscript is coming to auction.

Abraham Lincoln’s Potential Last Photo He Ever Signed Estimated To Sell For Over $100,000

The last potential photo former President Abraham Lincoln ever signed is now up for auction.