Rare Bob Ross Original Oil Painting Up For Auction As Bidding Exceeds $50,000

A one-of-a-kind painting from a famous American artist is currently up for auction. Bidding for an original Bob Ross oil painting has reached nearly $55,000 with 12 days left in the Goldin auction.

The untitled 18-by-24-inch Ross painting is from 1986. It features majestic mountains, verdure trees, a placid stream, wispy “Happy Clouds,” and a worn cabin.

“For those inquiring, the wet-on-wet style utilized by Ross is a technique wherein layers of wet paint are applied to preceding layers of wet paint and done so briskly so as to avoid the first layer drying out,” Goldin writes in the description lot. “This technique proved invaluable on his show and was employed to create the rich, layered, and ethereal paintings on his beloved television show. Ross placed his flowing and clear signature in red paint on the piece, contrasting the colors of the painting and highlighting his script.”

Ken Goldin, founder and CEO of Goldin, says not many Ross paintings have ever been made available for sale due to his time filming “The Joy of Painting” series that aired on PBS from 1983-1994. Ross hosted over 400 half-hour episodes during that time.

“As part of his contract, all the paintings he created on the show became property of the production company and they remained unavailable for sale to this day,” explains Goldin.

Despite passing away in 1995, Ross still remains a beloved pop culture icon. His “happy little trees” paintings will forever be remembered due to his Mister Rogers-like nature.

Bob Ross painting
Bob Ross painting. (credit: Goldin)

“The piece has a calming effect on the viewer, and if one gazes at the lush green trees, grass freckled with gold, and rising mountain in the background, you can hear the echoes of Ross’ voice, compelling you to fixate your gaze. So beloved was Ross that his work speaks for him from beyond the grave, and this piece is the perfect addition to any serious art collection, as it originates from one of the world’s most celebrated artists while simultaneously acting as a piece of visual joy,” Goldin writes in the description lot.

On top of the painting, the buyer will also receive a signed “Bob Ross Teaches The Joy of Painting Volume VI” copy.

According to Modern Artifact, when available, Ross paintings range from $25,000-$65,000. Ross’ “A Walk in the Woods,” which was painted on the very first episode of “The Joy of Painting,” has a staggering price tag of $9.85 million.

The Goldin auction for the Ross original painting ends June 1.

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