Top Mind-Blowing Hits From 2024 Bowman Blaster Boxes

Don’t sleep on 2024 Bowman retail. Even though 2024 Bowman HTA, Jumbo and Hobby boxes contain more guaranteed autographs and exclusives, that doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye toward Blaster boxes. They retail for just $29.99 and collectors can still pull massive hits from them. Don’t believe us? Just take a look below.

HobbyListings has put together a list of the top cards — in no particular order — that have been hit from 2024 Bowman Blaster boxes so far.

Have you pulled any big cards from 2024 Bowman Blaster boxes? Let us know in the comments below!

The List: Best Hits From 2024 Bowman Blaster Boxes

Yoshinobu Yamamoto Yellow Refractor /75 Autograph Rookie Card

Elly De La Cruz Spotlight Superfractor 1/1

Walker Jenkins Yellow Refractor /75 Autograph, Jett Williams Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 Superfractor 1/1, Julio Rodriguez Anime Gold /50, Dylan Crews Blue Refractor /150 Autograph, & Arjun Nimmala Green Shimmer Refractor /99

Anthony Baptist Rose Gold Refractor /10

Elly De La Cruz Anime Gold Refractor /50

Wyatt Langford Spotlight Red Refractor /5

Jared Serna Green Shimmer Refractor /99 Autograph

Not a Yankees collector but got this out of a blaster box!
byu/buffalokidcards inbaseballcards

Aidan Miller Green Grass Refractor /99 Autograph

“Last blaster at Walmart…” they said. And so they said…
byu/breachscape inbaseballcards

Paul Skenes Green Refractor /99 Autograph (Retail Exclusive)

I’m going to say this again, bowman blasters are insane
byu/ghostbear1986 inbaseballcards

Brock Wilken Green Grass Refractor /99 Autograph

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