Woman Unearths Box-Full Of 1920s Babe Ruth Cards While Cleaning Out Mother’s Closet

A Georgia woman has made the find of a lifetime while cleaning out her mother’s closet. She discovered a cigar box-full of Babe Ruth baseball cards from the 1920s!

The unnamed woman brought a box of 600 strip cards — cards that were cut from a long strip — to J&J Sports Cards shop in Loganville recently. On top of the 20 Ruth cards, the box also contained several cards of legendary Hall of Famers Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Grover Cleveland Alexander, Tris Speaker and Rogers Hornsby.

“She’s looking to move, felt like she was supposed to check her mom’s old closet, and now look. Stacks of Babe Ruth and Ty Cobbs,” J&J Sports Cards wrote on its Facebook page.

Joe Davis, owner of the sports card shop, tells WSB-TV in Atlanta the woman’s mother was previously a caretaker for a man who lived in Coney Island, New York, and passed the collection on to her after he passed away. She held the card collection for decades prior to her death.

The woman spent several hours in the shop to get a better understanding of the cards.

“She had called us and was looking for some help with her collection,” says Davis to WSB-TV. “We’ll buy collections from time to time but we usually just assist people, and that’s what we did with her.”

The prize of the collection, obviously, was the Ruth cards that were spread out across five different sets.

“It’s something you just don’t see,” Davis tells WSB-TV. “I’ve only seen one other collection this large, some T-206s about 15 years ago.”

1920s strip cards of Babe Ruth
1920s strip cards of Babe Ruth. (credit: J&J Sports Cards/Facebook)

The cigar box also included non-baseball and non-sports cards, including boxer Jack Dempsey, golfer Walter Hagen and former Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

The cards are being sent to SGC to get graded. Davis doesn’t expect any of the cards to get any high grades since they’re in relatively poor condition.

“A lot of the cards are only going to grade authentic,” says Davis to WSB-TV. “We’ll be lucky if we get any 2s or 3s.”

J&J Sports Cards will be selling these vintage cards through their consignment program in March.

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