Topps Brings Back Rare ‘First Card’ Stamps In 2024 Series 2 Baseball Cards

Topps has brought back the “First Card” stamp for 2024 Series 2. And this time, the stamped cards made it into packs.

They’re called “First Card” because they are literally the first card off-the-press. The stamp is located above the team logo on the front of the card, and there is also a 1/1 designation on the back.

“2024 Topps Series 2 features 1/1’s with a “First Card” stamp,” Topps posted on X, formerly Twitter. “This signifies that the card was the VERY FIRST copy made! If you didn’t know about these, it might be worth checking your stacks of base cards to make sure you didn’t miss one!”

Every base card in Series 2 will have a “First Card” stamp.

Topps also featured “First Card” stamps in 2024 Series One, but there was a major glitch. Topps had to issue a voluntary recall after it was found many were released without the designated stamp on the front of the card.

For those who pulled these 1/1 cards in 2024 Series 1 that didn’t have the stamp, Topps offered to imprint “First Card” on the affected cards and add credit into collectors’ accounts.

The “First Card” variations are new for 2024 Topps Series 1 and Series 2.

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