Collectors Cry Foul As Topps Gifts 2024 Bowman Baseball Boxes To Millionaire Baseball Prospect

Many collectors are up in arms after Topps says it would give 2024 Bowman Baseball boxes to a millionaire baseball player. The incident started when Aidan Miller, a top prospect for the Philadelphia Phillies, asked Topps on X (formerly Twitter) if he could get some boxes so he can chase his 2024 Bowman Autograph 1/1 Superfractor card.

The Topps social media team immediately responded to Miller. “Say less…they’re on the way,” Topps posted back.

This raised the ire of collectors who shell out hundreds of dollars for just one box, while Miller, the 27th overall pick by the Phillies in the 2023 MLB Draft who signed a guaranteed $3.1 million contract, can easily afford them. 2024 Bowman Baseball Jumbo and HTA boxes cost upwards of $600, while Hobby boxes are around $300.

“19 year old millionaire begging for free product. Buy some like the rest of us bozo,” Old Town Cards posted.

Mario Alejandro of Beisbol Card Blog said, “Can you imagine the outrage in #TheHobby if this 19 year old millionaire has the misfortune of pulling his own Superfractor out of the ‘few’ free boxes Topps is gifting him?”

“So us broke customers pay astronomical prices while they get a few on tha house?” says Raphael Brais.

Pittsburgh Jay exclaims, “Can I get some free product? Or are they just a handout for the millionaire ball players? I work for a living and buy when I can.”

There were many more similar posts like this in response to Topps.

Collectors are not oblivious to the fact that professional athletes and celebrities get free product as companies hope they can get a boost in sales just by being associated with them. However, collectors take exception when you make it public for everyone to see, especially when someone who can afford baseball cards asks for them for free.

Maybe next time, Topps can partner with an athlete like Miller and give away the cards they open to a collector. Topps can also run contests for regular collectors so they can also get their hands on free 2024 Bowman Baseball boxes. Collectors who spend their hard-earned money are the ones who support and prop up the hobby.

It’s definitely a moment that Topps can learn from.

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