WATCH: Whopping 48 Autograph Cards Pulled From Just One 2024 Bowman Baseball Hobby Box

Hit Seekers Sports Cards had a break no one will forget. During 2024 Bowman Baseball release week, Hit Seekers opened what the hobby has affectionately termed a “god box,” where every card was an autograph or parallel. What made this break even more astounding is that out of just one hobby box where you are only guaranteed one auto, Hit Seekers pulled a staggering 48 autos!

A hobby box contains 24 packs, with 10 cards per pack, meaning every pack had at least two autos on average.

Some of the best autos included:

  • Jasson Dominguez Rising Infernos /25
  • Jackson Holliday Bowman Scouts’ Top 100 /50
  • Kyle Teel /150
  • Jared Serna /150
  • Luis Baez /299

Another Bowman “god box” was ripped in March, but this time of 2023 Bowman Chrome. Of the 60 cards Real Sportscards pulled, 12 were base prospect autographs, 12 were lower numbered parallels and 36 were refractors numbered to /499.

Also in March, Blez Sports Cards hit 94 rookie autographs in a case break of 2023 Topps Chrome Update Sapphire.

Some collectors might bring up the “breakers get loaded boxes” myth when something like this happens, but it’s an anomaly. Last month, Fanatics announced at the Topps Industry Conference in Atlanta that they had accounting firm KPMG conduct an independent audit to help put collectors’ concerns to rest. The report found when collectors buy a pack of Topps or Bowman cards, they should have just as much of a chance of finding a high-value card as anyone else who buys a pack from that same production run. In other words, breakers and influencers don’t get “loaded boxes.”

But it’s always fun for the hobby when something like this happens.

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